A hand woven vintage or antique oriental rug is considered to be a highly valuable work of art that needs extra attention and mindfulness to guarantee their long term beauty.  At The Rug Wash, our antique rug cleaning procedure will leave your rug in perfect condition.

It is especially important to assess the vintage rug or antique rug ahead of time and consider whether it was made with vegetable, natural or synthetic dyes.  Once established, we use the correct procedure to wash the rug.

Our special rug cleaning process for antique rugs loosens the rug enough for the dirt and dust to be released easily. The rug will be cleaned and drenched thoroughly and dried in an atmosphere controlled space.  Our customized procedure will improve its overall feel and sheen. 

Our cleaning guarantee is that we use safe and eco-friendly products to clean your masterpiece, which takes care of the wellbeing of you and your family, as well as the earth.  With our expert cleaning process, your antique rug will look and feel better for years to come.