URINE REMOVALPet urine requires special enzyme action in order to neutralize the bacteria.  Our enzyme cleaner works perfectly for pet urine, vomit and other accidents.  Our washing system sanitizes your rug while removing odors.  It is strong enough to remove pet stains and gentle enough for silk and antique rugs.

You should contact The Rug Wash immediately the moment you notice your pet has had an accident.  We do suggest that you minimize the damage by blotting the stain with a soft cloth.  Because of the natural proteins in urine, they can cause damage to the rugs color especially if it is a natural fiber and natural dye.  However, if caught quickly enough, we can help you remove this stain. 

Due to the nature of urine, the smell can also permeate the fibers of wool, silk and cotton especially!

It is best to not try to clean the rug yourself if you have a urine stain as most store-bought products will cause more harm than good as they can only work on synthetic materials. If you have tried to use other products on your rug, especially if it is handmade wool, silk or cotton, please let us know what you used. 

No matter what the damage to your rug, we will look at your rug and assess the best way to clean it, depending on your specific needs.