STAIN REMOVALIf you accidentally create a stain on your beautiful area rug, you will want to have it cleaned as soon as possible as to not set the stain and ruin the rug.  Some stains that are frequently seen in rugs do not always come out easily.  At The Rug Wash, we are experts in deep stain removal caused by berries, blood, chocolate, coffee, cola, crayon, excrement, glue, grease, gum, ink, iodine, paint, lipstick, mud, mustard, oil, red wine, soda, tea, tomato sauce, urine, vomit and wax.

It helps us when you let us know what stains are on the rug to take proper care and action with your area rug.  There are different methods to address unique stains and spots.  Using our natural cleaners, we gently wash away soil and restore the fibers through our special eco-friendly products and processes. 

We understand how precious your rugs are to you and never use harsh chemicals as all our cleansers are organic and environmentally friendly.  Our products are safe even for the most delicate of rugs.

With proper care, your beautiful rugs can last for several generations and have the long life it deserves.