Getting grease or oil on your Oriental area rug can be a stressful experience.  Even though quality Oriental or Persian rugs can handle a fair amount of dirt and stains, you want to do your best to keep them clean as to retain their beauty. The moment you notice a stain, it is important to take action.

Not all grease and oil is the same.  Grease is generally composed of oil and a thickening product, whereas oil is just oil.  In spite of this difference, removing these stains from the carpet is not necessarily an easy job!

Trying to remove it yourself, could make the problem worse.  The best thing to do in the interim is to “blot” the rug the best you can with a paper towel or soft clean cloth and remove any liquid or obvious grease.  Immediately contact The Rug Wash and let us know what happened so we can be sure to clean it with the best eco-friendly products.