Are you looking to work with a true commercial rug cleaning professional and partner?  

The Rug Wash offers incredible rug washing service at a competitive price. With our advanced commercial European cleaning technology, our methods result in a quality clean that you and your occupants will notice. 

Our rug cleaning technicians are trained to recognize different fibers and rug construction types.  Through our attention to detail, each rug in your business will retain its beauty and brightness.  As leaders in quality rug care and cleaning, we have years of experience in all types of rugs and cleaning methods.

Advantages of Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning by The Rug Wash: 

• Promotes a clean uniform carpet appearance
• Reduces the spread of germs, bacteria, viruses, diseases and mold
• Removes spots and stains 
• Improves the effects of wear, especially in high-traffic areas
• Restores the natural appearance and texture of the carpets
• Extends the life of the carpets

Types of Area Rugs We Clean: 

Pile rugs: knots that are tied to a foundation and then sheared to create the pile
Tufted rugs: looks like a pile rug, only it is not hand tied; this type of rug has a canvas backing that is glued on to the back
Flatwoven rugs: do not have a pile; similar to tapestry fabric and provide excellent wear and durability
Hooked rugs: a hook is used to pull the face yarns through a backing material
Braided rugs: strips of fabric or yarn are braided together then sewn into an oval-shaped rug
Shag / Flokati rugs: generally made with 100% wool fibers and a long pile length similar to shag carpets
Machine-made rugs: these rugs can be made with wool or synthetic fibers

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